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  • C H U N K Y

    Too far

    February 4, 2013 by C H U N K Y

    Today I was checking through the wiki activity, and I saw kitten had edited a lot. I noticed he had edited the map page, then noticed the map has been changed. THIS IS TOO FAR. Kitten is always changing fatewate's work to "beta" sprites (If that's what you call them) and, to be honest, fatewates much better. Especially the map. Fate's was really good, but kittens - although still good - aren't quite my thing. Anyway, with that said... GOOD DAY!

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  • C H U N K Y

    The Ad I made

    January 21, 2013 by C H U N K Y

    I made an ad for frog Place! :D

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  • C H U N K Y

    I was just wondering.. When is the beta going to be released? Also, you guys (and me) are doing really, really well on this. Now we have tons of brilliant ideas, sprites, items and player cards; And even a rapidly growing wiki with almost 100 pages. I just want to say well done. I Appreciate you making me a mod in the game, and letting me control seymore.


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