Seymore Hoppington
Vital statistics
Position Explorer, Adventurer,
Species Frog
Items Long Hat
Physical attributes
Meetable? Yes
Created on November 23, 2012
Seymore is a mascot on Frog-Place. He isn't very smart and is silly. He will be controlled by C H U N K Y. He will be meetable at all times, not just at parties like other mascots.


  • i love magic pudding!
  • my best friend?
  • i forgot
  • oh yeah, youre right, it's ned
  • he is good
  • very good
  • very, very good
  • very, very, very,... oh wait, whats the point of that?
  • lets just say hes very good
  • bye!!!!
  • nah
  • no thanks
  • no tanks
  • Whos Fatewate?
  • whos WikiaFrog?


  • His name is a mock of "See More", since hes always discovering new things and "seeing more".


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