Jack Frost will be a mascot in the Frog Place Holiday Party 2013. He will look diffrent then any other Frog. He won't even be a frog, but just a random creature. He will be controlled by WikiaFrog.

Jack Frost
Jack Frost!
Vital statistics
Position The guy who makes snow in Frog Place
Species Frost Creature
Items Frosty Blue
Physical attributes
Meetable? Yes
Created on December 25, 2012

Will be released on December 17, 2012


  • I like to freeze it freeze it!
  • I like to, freeze it!
  • I like to FREEZE. FREEZE. FREEZE. Frogs and hoppers!!!
  • A superhero... well I guess I'm MUCH more heroic than him!
  • Ned... adventurer... sounds adventurous!
  • Anyways, I guess I'm MUCH more adventurous than that Ned !!
  • Seymore?
  • Seymore Hoppington?...
  • Who's that Seymore you're talking about?
  • Oh Em Gee...
  • yet ANOTHER adventurer?!
  • As I said, I'm more adventurous than them all.
  • Dog...
  • Dog... Dog the Bullfrog...
  • no I don't know him
  • Needleflop?...
  • Uh...
  • I'm much more inven... um... inventous?
  • Bob?...
  • A fireman?!?!
  • If he's a fireman, I'm a snowman.
  • Spike??
  • Construction worker... interesting...
  • Red? Is he... red?
  • Sally?
  • A writer? What does she write?
  • Eh, interesting...
  • No. I didn't.=
  • Fatewate? Weird name.


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