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Fatewate (aka Fate) is a character in Frog Place. He is NeedleFlop's assistant. He is a Black frog which wears Fatewate's Flying Cap.


I am pretty sure not....

Well who is the one working there?

Well, ok then.

WikiaFrog and I have some very cool stuff coming out.

I have lots of requests, so that one will take a while.




No. Never!

My favorite item on Frog place is proabably My Cap.

Yes, i do wear the Green Spots, as you can see.

Please stop.

No, Professor Needleflop won't be coming to that, sadly.

But I am his assistant! 

I think he told me he is working on something BIG.

I don't know what it is.

Not yet...

Ask WikiaFrog when its coming out, if you see him.

No thanks.

No tanks.



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